Education Business Management – VnResource EBM Pro

VnResource EBM Pro (Education business management) is a comprehensive management solution managing single or a chain of language schools, informatics school, or vocational school. VnResource EBM Pro is built and developed with the goal of improving professionalism in management and marketing of the units providing educational services. VnResource EBM Pro is also an important bridge between the school and teachers, students, parents. VnResource EBM Pro manages the entire process of marketing, customer care, and student support. Also, the solution helps analyze courses, class opening, timetable management, room arrangement, staff and student management, teaching hour arrangement, and teacher attendance.

VnResource EBM Pro is applicable to manage the operation of the units providing educational services in order to improve the professionalism of the organization with reasonable cost.

Student Management


Class Opening Analysis

  • Analysis based on the waiting list
  • Analysis based on sales, demand for the course
  • Analysis of the class opening for the current class to participate in the next course
  • Analysis of the timing of appropriate class opening

Marketing & Sales Function

  • Manage information of potential student
  • Record information each time students meet the schools (Walk-in, Phone, Return)
  • Reckon the number of students from sources and effective marketing campaigns
  • Take care of and marketing to students to maintain their loyalty to the school
  • Analyze the effectiveness of counseling of staff to students (in percentage of actual learner)
  • Analyze audience segmentation based on age, qualifications, etc.
  • Analyze business to business.

Class Registration

  • Functions supporting level test for placement
  • Student information management (create, modify)
  • Signing up class for students
  • Class transferring for students

Revenue and Expenditure Management

  • Student tuition fees management
  • Handling fees when class switched, student reserved, or switched to the others

Sales Report of Salesperson

  • Sales statistics by each salesperson, and each department
  • Sales statistics by new students per employee
  • Sales statistics by time and classroom

Teaching Management

Teacher Management

  • Recruit new teachers
  • Manage information of qualifications and levels of teacher
  • Record information and possible teaching time of teacher

Teaching Time Arrangement

  • Analyze teaching conditions (qualifications, and teaching time)
  • Arrange appropriate class and teaching hours
  • Manage substitute teaching (single class with many teachers)

Attendance Function

  • Manage teaching hours for teachers by class, class schedules, and teacher salary ratio
  • Handle temporary and fully substitute teaching

Register Book Creation Function

  • Create register book, record teaching information and opinion of teachers in each class

Teacher Statistics Function 

  • Teaching hour statistics for fulltime teacher in week, month
  • Total class-off statistics of teachers in single course

Management System and Student Service

Classroom Management

  • Manage conditions of the room (rooms, capacity, availability)
  • Allocate, and arrange appropriate room
  • Efficiency statistics of classroom usage
  • Available room search function

Class Management

  • Record lessons for each class, and respond to students and parents when requested
  • Information management in events for each class

Student Attendance Marking

  • Record and check student attendance in each class
  • Announce to parents when requested

Transcript Management Function

  • Manage (update, search) transcript of student
  • Manage input test, learning process and study results

Final Result Management and Certificate Printing

  • Calculate the final result for students based on attendance, and study results
  • Print certificate
  • Inform students and parents

Event Management 

Event Planning

  • Allocate, and arrange rooms for event, exams
  • Organize festival, and rent out the room

Automatic Reminder Function

  • Remind events (Mid-term Test, Final Test, Parent Meeting) before prescribed date
  • Remind students with no longer school hours (tuition reminder)
  • Recall students’ birthday
  • Recall students when being absent constantly
  • Recall when class having new students

Holiday Configuration Function

  • Configure the holidays, big events


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