Human Resources Management – VnResource HRM Pro Overview

VnResource has built and developed HRM Pro software with aspiration not only to satisfy such common functions of the human resources management as Timekeeping, Payroll, Personnel Information Management, etc., but also to be a tool to build the Title System, Training Standard, Evaluation Criteria, Resources Analysis & Planning, Personnel Cost Management, and Remuneration Policy. VnResource brings the solutions not only for enterprises with large workforce, and a great number of levels which demand the extremely complex skills with specific characteristics of each business sector, but to meet the change of human capital policies from the government.

HRM Pro provides effective tools in forecasting the staffing in future in order to help businesses save time and cost in training, retaining, and stabilizing the human resources. Our solutions help develop flexibly criteria for evaluation of staff performance (KPI).

Functional Diagram

 Employee Profile
 Labor Contract Reminder
 Skills & Training
 Reward & Discipline
 Promotion & Work History
 Talent Management
 Define Company Structure
 Time Att, Machine Integration
 Access Control, Overnight...
 Overtime, Nightshift,…
 Auto-detect Work-shit…
 Late-in, Early-out Management
 Leave/OT Submit & Approve
 Check Individual Attendance
 Define Payroll Policy Group
 Salary based Net / Gross /
    Gross up
 Salary based Time,Productivity
 Define Allowances
    & Deductions
 Overtime & Night Shift
 Bank Account Payroll, Cash
 Terminantion Payroll
 Define Tax Levels, Insurance
 Social, Health, Unemployment
    Ins. Reports based on    
    Vietnamese Policy
 Leave & Pregnancy Insurance
 Taxable Allowance or
 Dependants Register
 Reports for Personal
    Income Tax
 HR Planning
 Recruitment Plan & Budget
 Submit/Approve Job Vacancy
 Candidate Profile
 Thank you/Invitation Letter
 Make Training Plan & Budget
 Submit & Approve Training 
 Organize Class & Trainees
 Attendance & Result of
 Evaluate Class, Trainees,
 Define KPI for each Staff Level
 Performance Evaluate Plan
 Personal Development Plan
 Evaluation Progress by 
 Self-evaluation or by Manager
 View & Check Individual
    Profile & Skills
 Submit/Approve Leave/OT
 Check Attendance, Leave
     Payslip, PIT,…
 Request for Training & 
 Submit/Evaluate Performance
 Create User-defines reports
 Flexible filter datat on reports
 Chart-view reports
 Export Reports to Excel
 Define Company & Department Structure
 Job Dexcription & C & B policy
 Training Require for each Staff Level
 Analyze Working Hours, Leave, OT
 Manage Non-Salary Cost & Labor Cost
 Analyze Cost by Dept, Labor Type
 Support Web od Windows Version
 Multi-languages: English, Vietnamese,…
 Localize with Vietnamese Policy
 Integrate with Accounting / ERP
 Configure Payroll Formula & Reports
 Support Version for Auditing Data
Feature Illustration

Key Features

Solutions for large companies with multiple branches

  • Ability to deploy for company with many subsidiaries, HR data integration, Timekeeping, and Payroll.
  • Ability to deal with large-scale companies (Samsung Group – Cell-phone Factory with 22,000 workers ; Dung Quat Oil Refinery with more than 30,000 employees …).
  • Vietnamese and English Interface (easy to switch).

Support function of Management Analysis

  • Analysis consists of resignation, overtime, direct and indirect labor cost, and cost center, etc.

High-level information security

  • The sensitive information (salary, allowances ...) is encrypted before transmitting over the network and stored in the server. This information is encrypted safely even the IT administrator is not able to view.
  • The ability to encrypt information is one of the outstanding features of the Human Resource Management Software VnResource HRM Pro compared to other solutions.

Providing and consulting HRM solutions instead of only providing software

  • Consult to build HR policies, attendance and payroll regulations, etc.
  • Support to develop HR handbook.
  • Consult to set up process of company data security.

Implementation Stages

  • Survey, and assess current business management process of the company.
  • Survey, Analyze & Consult detail required solutions.
  • Customize the system in accordance with the business.
  • Implement programs in the company, and check the data connection.
  • Train to use and manage the system in the head office.
  • Hand over, check and take over the system (including program and documentation).
  • Evaluate the system, users and effectiveness at the end of each month.
  • Warrant the system in 6 months from the date of acceptance of the project.

Interface Reference