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7 Advantages of using an attendance management system

  1. Accuracy

Humans are prone to error, even if we provide them with supporting computational devices. Automated attendance management systems ensure accurate time records and minimize the inevitable and costly errors with manual data entry. This accurate data thereby helps to provide accurate performance and payroll data.

  1. Productivity / Efficiency

Monitoring and managing attendance manually can be a time-consuming, laborious, and expensive affair. It takes time to process paper sheets and time cards, create schedules, authorize leave and overtime, and create payroll manually. Free up precious administration time with an automated system that does it all for you, from keeping track of employee hours to automatically importing information into your payroll system. The time and effort saved combined with data accuracy helps in optimizing the use of resources which lead to increased productivity and improves profits.

  1. Flexibility

In today’s global, well-connected environment, you have employees working from office, from home, or at remote locations. An attendance management system allows organizations to track employee time using a variety of clocking options, such as smartphones, internet networks, swiping technologies, biometric terminals or desktop readers easily.

  1. Integration / Configuration

You can choose attendance management systems to suit your needs based on the nature of work and policies. There are systems available which can be integrated with any third-party attendance hardware (swipe, biometric), and which can capture GPS-based attendance with mobile applications. You can create customized attendance policies as per your organizational needs with time tracking and attendance monitoring systems. You can have individual configurations for each attendance shift, with options to define attendance cycles, mark-in/out rules, leave deductions, and optional holidays.

  1. Real-time tracking 

Cloud-based attendance management enables real-time tracking and provides automated inputs for payroll processing. This helps in managing alternative payment schedules and makes all information available in real time. Managers can create “scheduled versus actual” reports to adjust work schedules and direct workforce activities in real time.


  1. Security

Most attendance management systems are built around highly secure systems and architecture. Specifically, biometric systems are highly reliable and secure and can help prevent time theft, buddy punching and reduce administrative costs stemming from forgotten PINs and lost ID cards. These systems are of particular utility to organizations where security is a primary concern.

  1. Compliance

Inaccurate records can cost your organization a lot of money in overtime payment, and can also violate labor laws, resulting in expensive legal defence and fines. Regulations require that employers track attendance and provide the necessary compensation to their employees for any excess hours worked in the spirit of fairness. An attendance management system that integrates with your payroll simplifies this process while making it seamless.

Given these tremendous benefits, do you now want to choose a comprehensive attendance management system that can make processes hassle-free and provide a seamlessly integrated system for your organization? Countless cloud HR products catering to the diverse needs of medium to high businesses are available in the market today. So, what are you waiting for?

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