VnResource HRM Pro: Major Functions

Major Functions


The module helps businesses save more than 50% of the working hours in Recruitment, automate the entire process from setting up Recruitment plan & requirement to manage the interview process, send email automatically to interview, candidates who have passed or failed. Additionally, it has the job reminder utility and blacklist control to avoid hiring inappropriate candidate and integrate an online recruitment page with a closed process that automatically obtains candidate profiles

Employee Information - Organization Chart

The function manages all employee information, working history before, during, after working process at the enterprise. Set up organization structure, automatically create a chart of personnel and department organization that bases on the change and promotion of employee. The utility automatically reminds jobs related to HR: Labor contract & Work permit & VISA & Expiry probation, salary increase period, birthday, maternity leave,… Analyze and statistic information to help the Board of Directors have a basis for making decisions quickly, efficiently and accurately.


The function supports automatically downloading “in – out” data from the timekeeper source, GPS by smartphone,… controls leaves, overtime with the actual time that saves from 5% to 10% of unreasonable expenses from overtime and working hours. Moreover, it helps save 50% of time for managing attendance of related departments, providing reports of analyzing working hours, overtime, permission, waiting time .. for each department or all staff and limit almost paperwork or manual work.

Payroll - Allowances

Predict salary budget, compute automatically salary based on time wages, business wages, contractual wages, product wages, wages for foreigners… Back-pay is based on salary changes, compute automatically Personal income tax (PIT) and export statutory reports with a closed process without manual work in order to save more than 50% of the working hours. The system provides utilities to compare monthly salary / period to the smallest details, and encrypts data to avoid unauthorized access against everybody even if IT staff

Training Management

The tool analyzes training needs in accordance with the right training course and the right people, sets up training plan & requirements, manages the classes, costs, results and commitments after training. Set up question bank and test online. Ensure effective and professional training management.

Assessment Management - KPIs/BSC

Automatic process of performance management in working process, the system establishes a set of online evaluation criteria in many forms such as: multi-level evaluation, KPIs evaluation, 360* assessment, income computation based on assessment results… Remind automatically the entire evaluation work to help each employee and manager save more than 8 hours in the evaluation period and HR user save more than 16 hours / month.

Portal – Self service

Portal system for employees and leaders: Portal (Self-service) is compatible with Web-base and Mobile-App platforms (IOS & Android).  The function supports viewing personal information, dependents; checking annual leave, diary of leave / overtime / business, viewing monthly payslip… Register / approve days off / overtime / business, check in/out by GPS, connect all employees through news item, document library, and give points for periodic statistics in the organization’s welfare.

Major Functions

In addition to standard reports that system provides, the tool allows to setup dynamic reports according to any criteria related to data in the system.


Interagting to many business managerment systems with VnResource in the orgarnization to make a completely managerment ecosystem for business: SAP, Orcale, Microsoft Dynamic/365. Workday, Success Factors,…

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