Human Resources Management Solution for Garment

With a large number of employees, companies in the field of Textile – Garment have complicated shift division, handle many cases of “late in – early out”, wrong shift, night shift instead of overtime (or vice versa)… This means when business enter the peak season, employees must work overtime to fully meet the needs of the market. Understanding customers’ difficulties, VnResource HRM Pro solution provides a version for Textile and Garment field:

  • Strict management of worker’s working shifts at factories
  • Compute salary based on group productivity, individual production salary for each stage in the production line
  • Audit Version

With experience in deploying for Fashion Garment Limited 2, Alliance One, Paiho, SAITEX, Wacoal … HRM Pro has supported business reducing time and workload of HR Department as well as Administrators.


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VnResource HRM Pro: Major Functions

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