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Kick-off Ceremony at Taipei Fubon Bank

On December 26th, 2019, a kick-off ceremony for the implementation of VnResource HRM Pro Software Project was held at the headquarters of Taipei Fubon Bank in Takashimaya Shopping Center (District 1).

Fubon Financial Holdings is a multinational corporation operating in many fields: bank, insurance (life, non-life), securities investment, etc., in many countries such as China, Hong Kong, USA. Until June 2019, Fubon Financial Holdings has total assets of 261 billion USD, ranked in the second place among financial holding companies in Taiwan. This is the most profitable company in the industry in earnings per share (EPS) for ten consecutive years. Especially, with the aim of sustainable development to gain a position in the regional market and reach closer to the goal of becoming a first-class business corporation in Asia, Fubon Financial Holdings has established Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank in Vietnam with 03 branches in Ho Chi Minh, Binh Duong, and Hanoi which served Taiwan organizations in Vietnam through businesses: Commercial banks, Global banks & Regional banks.

In the 4.0 industry, human resource management plays an important role because competition is getting fiercer and HR is a strategic factor to create competitive advantages among enterprises. However, it is also a threat when enterprises have to fulfill enough ability and conditions to manage employees who contribute to long-term development. As a result, Taipei Fubon Bank decided to invest the HRM Software that can meet the needs and maximize the support to their HR operation. After a period of research, Taipei Fubon Bank chose VnResource as a partner to accompany on the road of expansion and sustainable development in the future in order to solve their pain point in human resources such as employee management, attendance and payroll.

VnResource would like to express our thanks to the company for trusting and choosing HRM Pro Software Solution. We wish the project a successful implementation.

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