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Spindex: Digital HR Transformation with VnResource HRM Pro

On December 10th, 2020, Spindex Company launched a kick-off ceremony to comprehensively transform business operations and management from the application of VnResource HRM Pro technology solutions in Human Resource Management.

Spindex was established on December 27, 2004. Spindex has had nearly 1,000 employees and it is a 100% Singapore-capital FDI enterprise with the business of manufacturing and processing fax and printer equipment for Canon Corporation.

With the experience in software application and through the evaluation process most of the leading HR software providers in Vietnam and the recommendation from the customers of VnResource, Spindex has chosen VnResource HRM Pro Solution.

In this project, Spindex is determined to carry out a comprehensive digital transformation of Human Resource Management to manage well such as payroll, headcount planning to help reduce the workloads on the Human Resources department to work more on recruiting, training and developing employees. Applying the HRM sorftware brings new tools for employees to experience interaction with managers and looks up the information of leave, paid days, salary accurately.

The new version of VnResource HRM Pro version 9.0, involved many new technologies and significantly improved its functions, operating speed… It has brought to customers satisfied experiences to recommend VnResource HRM Pro solution to many new customers.

Perhaps, the most meaningful gratitude of VnResource is the continuous efforts to improve the quality of products and services to contribute to the efficiency of Human Resource Management and help employees improve the quality of their products and services. Customer employees work happier through efficient software solutions.

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