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VnReesource HRM Pro – FECON officially launched Go-live ceremony

On the October 30th, 2020, after 6 months of deployment, VnResource Human Resource Management HRM Pro at FECON Corporation came to the Go-live phase. The ceremony was held at the office of FECON Corporation with the participation of the Board of Directors and the two project team members.



FECON Joint Stock Company is a company operated in the field of construction which deeply focused on constructing the foundation and underground sites. FECON was established on June 18th, 2004 began from a group of leading engineers and experts in foundation construction who dedicated to the career together with dynamic creativity and synchronous equipment system, FECON has currently become one of the leading companies in the field of construction foundations in Vietnam. FECON aims to become a leading construction and infrastructure development corporation in Vietnam by 2025.


As one of the projects implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic and the determination of avoiding the pandemic and ensuring the project is on schedule, both project teams have coordinated and made great efforts to reach the goal of Go-live ceremony.



Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh (General Director of FECON) spoke at the ceremony: “For the first time, FECON has a systematic software for human resource management, which is a huge step forward for our corporation system. In order to improve and professionalize the workload of budget management, it is also the effort of the Board of Directors in bringing modern and progressive information technology into Human Resource Management – one of the most difficult field of management. We have tried to learn and receive new things to put into management. Hopefully, the software system built by VnResource will help us to improve Human Resource Management more professionally.” Thereby, to emphasize the importance of the system, especially in the new era, when 4.0 technology is needed to be applied in manufacture and business, he asked the human resources department and related departments to have a plan of training and deploying approach and thoroughly apply all features of the software; put into application in all departments across the entire system of FECON group members to bring out the best efficiency.

In the future, when the software is officially used, it will help FECON solve from basic human resources problems such as managing employee portfolio, salary, tax, insurance,… to the important issues of team development, talent management, recruitment and integration of other management systems, including SAP.

The project of human resources digital transformation by VnResource HRM Pro solution at FECON is a prerequisite strategy for human resource development which maintained the position of enterprises with happy human resources, and aimed a strong, determined and committed human resources team within the organization.

Once again, thank you for the companionship and enthusiastic support of the Board of Directors and the FECON Project Team for their efforts and support during the past project implementation and also in the next phase. Wish the project soon progress to the phase of acceptance and create a lot of useful values ​​for the development of the business.

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